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Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015

Flip-Flops and Your Feet

The warm weather has arrived in Florida (fortunately without the high humidity yet). If that’s not your experience where you live, can you imagine? Pretend that you’re trading in your wool socks and closed-in boots for “spring/summer attire”? Where I live, that means flip-flops and slides – the topic of my post today. So, what’s wrong with these free-wheeling shoes? Plenty. Especially if you’re someone who is on their feet a lot and doesn’t take preventative measures to keep them healthy and strong. As an experiment, don your fave flip-flops . . . → Read More: Flip-Flops and Your Feet

Tuesday, April 14th, 2015

Reflexology After End-Stage Liver Disease and Transplant

How might living with a diseased liver and then a donated replacement affect someone, both physically and metaphysically? And how might foot reflexology, offered nearly four years post diagnosis and transplant, offer relief to the daily difficulties and symptoms. Please read this important study. . . . → Read More: Reflexology After End-Stage Liver Disease and Transplant

Wednesday, April 8th, 2015

The Starbucks Rule

A friend of mine works part-time as a coffee barista for Starbucks. On one of his many busy mornings, he looked up to once again see what seemed like a never-ending snake of caffeine-deprived eyes eagerly scrutinizing his every move. A familiar feeling of panic consumed him. And then, a fortunate moment of grace occurred, as he remembered to focus on his breath. With full awareness he realized that he did not have 22 cappuccinos to make – he had only to make one. At that moment, the Starbucks Rule – as I later named it – was born. . . . → Read More: The Starbucks Rule

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

Rock Your World!

If you read last week’s post on March 18, you’ll know how much importance I put on relaxation. It’s not just me either. Everywhere you look these days, you will see mountains of anecdotal and data-driven evidence on how “un-relaxed” our society is and how that chronic level of stress is playing havoc on our health. If you want to “kick-it-up a notch” in the relaxation department, then I suggest considering how to use hot and cold mineral stones within a reflexology session. Adding stones to a reflexology session invites the recipient into such a deep experience of themselves it almost defies definition. . . . → Read More: Rock Your World!

Wednesday, March 18th, 2015

Who Gets Credit?

I recently got into a conversation on Facebook with a new reflexologist (in another country) on whether or not reflexology “fixes” illnesses in the body. She believed that what she was doing and her skill at delivery of those techniques could “fix” (her word) another’s physical ailments. That was important to her. Before sharing my thoughts on this subject, let me first just state that in the United States, anyone making claims to be able to “fix” someone’s health imbalances better hold a medical license before they open their mouths. Otherwise, they may find themselves in serious trouble for practicing medicine without a license! That said, I loved the opportunity to examine this subject. I discovered that, sometimes in my own life, . . . → Read More: Who Gets Credit?

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