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Wednesday, June 10th, 2015

Living With, or Healing From Headaches

With media reports as prevalent as they are for headaches, you’d think there must be an increase in people affected. That turns out not to be true. In the United States at least, the statistics have held pretty steady over the last decade: approximately 12 million people visit doctors annually seeking relief from headaches. At least one-quarter of that group suffers from severe chronic tension or migraine headaches. So, why the increase in reported headaches then? A little investigating uncovers two reasons: . . . → Read More: Living With, or Healing From Headaches

Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

Running On Empty

If you ever questioned the effects of stress on your day-to-day life, read on. If ignored, the chronic thoughts, situation and/or behavior patterns may lead to the following sequence of events, resulting in “running on empty”. (And I’m not referring to that great Jackson Browne song!) Follow the succession of events: . . . → Read More: Running On Empty

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015

Flip-Flops and Your Feet

The warm weather has arrived in Florida (fortunately without the high humidity yet). If that’s not your experience where you live, can you imagine? Pretend that you’re trading in your wool socks and closed-in boots for “spring/summer attire”? Where I live, that means flip-flops and slides – the topic of my post today. So, what’s wrong with these free-wheeling shoes? Plenty. Especially if you’re someone who is on their feet a lot and doesn’t take preventative measures to keep them healthy and strong. As an experiment, don your fave flip-flops . . . → Read More: Flip-Flops and Your Feet

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

Rock Your World!

If you read last week’s post on March 18, you’ll know how much importance I put on relaxation. It’s not just me either. Everywhere you look these days, you will see mountains of anecdotal and data-driven evidence on how “un-relaxed” our society is and how that chronic level of stress is playing havoc on our health. If you want to “kick-it-up a notch” in the relaxation department, then I suggest considering how to use hot and cold mineral stones within a reflexology session. Adding stones to a reflexology session invites the recipient into such a deep experience of themselves it almost defies definition. . . . → Read More: Rock Your World!

Saturday, February 14th, 2015

To Be or Not To Be – Certified, That Is

How do you know if you really want to be a certified reflexologist – or yoga instructor, or sports massage therapist, or aromatherapist, or whatever? After all, certification in any discipline requires commitment, money and time.

Here’s what I suggest to people trying to figure that out:


Take a weekend workshop in the . . . → Read More: To Be or Not To Be – Certified, That Is

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