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Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

You’ve Heard of Carpal Tunnel, But …

what about carpal tunnel of the foot?

Known as tarsal tunnel syndrome, this condition refers to neuropathy (nerve disorder) of the tibial nerve as it runs under the flexor retinaculum at the medial ankle.

Symptoms sound similar to that of its cousin, carpal tunnel syndrome, and include:


sharp pain paresthesia (tingling, burning, pricking, . . . → Read More: You’ve Heard of Carpal Tunnel, But …

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

Relieving Chronic Foot Pain

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t learn a lot about what causes debilitating foot pain when I first studied reflexology. I was forced to learn though as more and more people came to me – often as a last ditch effort – with their painful conditions. Over time I became known in my community for being able to help people, with plantar fasciitis and peripheral neuropathy specifically. Initially, my approach was simply reflexology. Sometimes that worked beautifully, but sometimes it didn’t; and that left me a little frustrated. . . . → Read More: Relieving Chronic Foot Pain

Sunday, August 31st, 2014

Late-Breaking News for Canadians and Northern Americans!

Last week, I published a post on the How to Relieve Chronic Foot Pain workshop, and stated that there were only two trainings available still this year, one in Memphis, Tennessee and one in Gainesville, Florida. It turns out I spoke too soon. . . . → Read More: Late-Breaking News for Canadians and Northern Americans!

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

When Feet Take a Beating

Some people claim that of all our body parts, our feet tend to suffer the most. I don’t know if that’s true, but I do know that there’s nothing worse than sore feet; and sore feet are a guarantee if neglected. Our feet are our trusty servants, providing a foundation upon which we “take a stand” and allowing us to move forward in life. As a reflexologist, I often hear the statement “My feet are killing me!” Perhaps that painful complaint would be more accurately stated with, “I’m killing my feet”. We stuff them into poorly designed, ill-fitted shoes and then proceed to stand on them hour after hour without rest. We pay little attention to the fact that the feet carry our whole body weight and who we are every day of our lengthy existence here on earth. When you treat your feet well, they tend to return the favor. For that reason I have dedicated my private practice to putting “feet first”. Because I am a board-certified reflexologist, people often mistake my qualifications for that of a “foot doctor”. . . . → Read More: When Feet Take a Beating

Monday, April 7th, 2014

Sick and Tired of Headaches?

So, let’s get this straight – a headache is not a disease. It is the loud, persistent and painful voice of a body living with chronic stress, toxic blood, physiological imbalances and/or trauma. It turns out that there are many bodies crying out for help in the United States: 45 million Americans experience chronic headaches.[i] Nearly 90% of the population experiences occasional headache pain.[ii] People seeking treatment for headache pain account for 8 million consultations with physicians annually.[iii] Migraine headaches alone account for an estimated 157 million days lost from work.[iv] I was shocked when I first learned the above headache stats, and decided that I wanted to reach out to people in my community who were sick and tired of living with headaches, and who preferred to do something other than take drugs that were only masking their pain. In other words, people who were ready to take charge. . . . → Read More: Sick and Tired of Headaches?

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